GEMS Core Values

GEMS Core Values

We know academic performance is important because academic qualifications are the passport to accessing a good university but we believe a values-based education is of equal importance. GEMS values-driven education is expressed through our four core values which are woven into every curricula offered by GEMS Schools and are at the core of our DNA. They are not symbolic, we live and breathe them. They are: Leading Through Innovation, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by Learning, Global Citizenship. Through our values we encourage independent learning, empowering students to take on responsibility. Students learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of other people.

Through our partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, we engage students of different faiths in a meaningful dialogue that is designed to encourage young people to recognize the similarities between faiths and more importantly to respect and deal with the differences between diverse and sometimes conflicting worldviews. By learning about those of differing social, cultural and religious perspectives, young people build their awareness of the role of faith in their lives and in the lives of others.

We also teach children about basic human values such as honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality and respect in order that they become morally responsible, self-disciplined global citizens.

Through our values our students become confident, tolerant, resilient people of integrity, capable of both leadership and compassion. Through our CSR initiatives, GEMS students also develop a social conscience. We believe in giving. Students learn the real meaning of compassion. They are taught the values and responsibilities needed to become active members of the community, something which the modern world is desperate for.

They are involved in charitable activities and participate in a number of programs that serve not only the local community but also the wider international community in a variety of student-led events. We are proud to say that over the past 54 years, our students, teaching staff and corporate staff have raised over $US 40 million for charities around the world. The Varkey GEMS Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization and is the philanthropic arm of all our schools. Its aim is to impact one hundred children for every single child enrolled at a GEMS school throughout the world, with the aim of impacting the lives of millions of children globally.



Our values are woven into every school program and are expressed through a multitude of activities which are designed to hone individual talents, grow skills and aspirations.

Our students are involved in a number of activities which are related to core values:

    • The World Scholars Cup
    • The Global Young Leaders Conference, Washington
    • The Young leaders Programme, London
    • Empower Peace - Women2Women International Leadership Program
    • The World Schools Debating Championships
    • World Challenge
    • Tony Blair Faith Foundation
    • The Model United Nations Simulation Conference
    • Women Empowerment Programme ( internal)
    • The Astronaut Virtual Training programme
    • World Robotic Olympics
    • F1 in schools
    • The Young Entrepreneurs competition (internal)
    • Overseas Nature Camp, Duke of Edinburgh Programme
    • Round Square - Committed, responsible global citizens. 
    • The summer internship programme ( internal)
    • Debate Mate 
    • Light a Billion Lives – with TERI, India - GEMS Schools are supporting this initiative. 
    • Best Buddies International 
    • The Children for Children Programme (internal)
    • The Oorani project rediscovering India.