Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials


Tonia Mygdalis, Mother of Gr. 6 & Gr. 8 students

“We spent three wonderful years at GEMS US! It is a small family school where my kids had the opportunity to be themselves and reach their full potential. There hasn’t been a single day that the kids didn’t want to go to school. They became very happy learners and critical thinkers! Thank you GEMS US!! We will miss you!!” 

Tamara Sonne, Mother of Gr. 5 student 

“We enjoy the small school feel of GEMS US. It feels like we are family; a very open community.” 

Jessica Linderberth, Mother of Gr. 7 & 8 students 

“The children consociate through all grades and everyone is friendly.  GEMS US provides an amenable engaging environment which makes learning successful.” 

Annie Krug, Mother of Gr. 2, 3 and 6 students

“We stay year after year because we are part of a strong community we cannot find at other schools.  My kids are more than just a number here and our voices are always heard and respected.”  

Lisa Khoury, Mother of Gr. 2, 5 and 7 students

"The faculty at GUS support my children and help them to develop their confidence and excel in areas of academics as well as grow socially and emotionally. The care they provide is above and beyond other schools my children have attended." 

Randa Hammoud, Mother of Gr. 2 and 12 students

"We've been in GEMS United School (previously BPA) since 2014. We love the community, the lovely staff, the amazing qualified teachers and very responsive and friendly administrators. My son is always happy to join his classmates in the morning and likes to stay and play with friends on the soccer field after school. GEMS US is our small village where we all meet in the morning and afternoon to chat. We are thankful to the family we have found in GEMS US."