KHDA 2019 Report: Good

KHDA Inspection - Rated 'Good' school

GEMS United School located in Dubai Sports City, was inspected by the KHDA/DSIB, October 2019.  

The overall quality of the education provided by the school is GOOD in all six of the framework performance indicators. 

Overall Strengths


  • In Kindergarten (KG), KHDA ratings for student progress are "Very Good" in all core subjects -  English, Math and Science. In terms of learning skills, students rate "Very Good" and the KHDA noted, "children in the KG quickly become independent learners. They show self-confidence and a willingness to take risks as they make predictions and try to answer open-ended questions."
  • "Children in the Kindergarten enjoy a rich, stimulating learning experience and consequently achieve very well. In the upper phases, the quality of teaching ensures that achievement in English, mathematics, science and UAE social studies is high."
  • "Students, in all phases, continue to demonstrate positive behaviors and excellent relationships with each other and staff."
  • "Students’ safety is high on the school’s agenda. Systems and procedures are proactive, and risk awareness and intervention strategies are a high priority. Staff care for students and guide them proficiently."
  • "There is exceptional expertise in the inclusion department, and support for students in class is effective"“The curriculum is well balanced and provides for continuity and progression throughout the school.”

Promoting Personal Development


  • Rated "Outstanding" in all divisions. 
  • "Students consistently demonstrate self-discipline and positive attitudes to their learning. Older students provide good role models for the younger ones, such as in the reading buddy program. They are confident, collaborative learners."
  • "Strong relationships, respect and a diligent approach to work underpin the positive classroom learning ethos. Students strive to do their best."

Protection, Care, Guidance and Support of Students


  • Rated "Outstanding" in all divisions in health and safety and "Very Good" in care and support in all divisions. 
  • "There are consistent and rigorous procedures for safeguarding students across the school. These procedures effectively keep students safe and secure, both within the school and on school transport. The child protection policies are reviewed and updated regularly, and appropriate training is provided to all staff."
  • "Counselors work closely with teachers to monitor and support students’ personal, social and emotional development. Senior students’ interests and abilities are taken into account in choosing subjects and career pathways and in applying to universities."

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KHDA 2019-20 Inspection Report