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GEMS United School's Elementary Choir makes it to the finals - Choirfest 2020

This year's Elementary Choir has been bustling with energy and activity. From concerts, caroling and special improv performances around campus, these young vocalists have diligently worked to become a finalist at this year's ChoirFest competition held in February. 

The expected competition set to take place in March at the Dubai Opera was cancelled due to the world-wide pandemic and the closure of campuses across the UAE. While we do not have the privilege to complete this year's final competition, we are extremely proud of our elementary choir and look forward to continued success and heaps of entertainment in the next academic year. 

Our Elementary Choir is comprised of students in grades 3-5 who seek participation in this after-school extra-curricular activity. Students meet two times per week and perform at various school functions and activities and participate in 3 concerts per year. Depending on students capabilities, instrumental pieces are incorporated into choir repertoires. 

Our Online Learning Journey during COVID-19 

The world-wide pandemic made all of us learn new ways of conducting every day life and the biggest change for US was how to deliver an effective online learning platform for students from Pre-K through GR12.  

With a little over a week's time to prepare, our collaborative Senior Leadership Team along with our agile and committed faculty collaborated and delivered a well constructed online learning plan which parents felt was well planned and smooth in implementation. Did we need to make some tweaks in the process? Absolutely, but this is a normal process when implementing change, and we actively sought the valuable feedback of our parent and student community to ensure we were on the right track and leading students in the best means possible. 

With using a combination approach of live teacher sessions via Microsoft Teams and utilizing established programs already utilized by the school, namely Seesaw in Elementary and Google Classroom in Secondary, we are conducting an online education program seamlessly. We have tweaked student schedules to optimize the best balance between screen time and teacher interaction and implemented school-wide breaks to enhance family time since everyone is functioning under one roof. 

See below the results from parent surveys. Their feedback helps us gauge how well we are doing and target areas for improvement. 

Senior Extended Learning Opportunities - June Jumble

The KHDA is urging all graduating students to continue their remote learning experience through the end of the academic year. We are excited to share learning opportunities for students during the month of June. 

Please see below for the “June Jumble,” a grid of courses and information that are all free to access. GEMS schools are excited to be able to provide this extension for students once they have graduated. Students can pick the course or courses they wish to complete, at their leisure during the month of June.  

June Jumble

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