Science and Technology

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Science and Technology at GEMS United School - Sports City

The fields of science and technology require greater technical competency to master and excel in; they are also the fields with continuous industry evolution and change. Our Faculty Team in these disciplines is passionate and dedicated to the development of understanding in the fields.

The Science and Technology program at GEMS United School creates a single discipline by integrating five scientific fields (chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, geology) and various technological fields (including mechanical design, medical, food and mining technology) studied in the context of cultural references. The curriculum is organized in this way because these fields complement one another, dealing as they do with many of the same concepts, and because it is often necessary to refer to subject matter and methods from several fields at once to solve problems or explain natural phenomena.

In its effort to explain the world around us, science often relies on technological advancement. The world of technology attempts to respond to our needs by designing technical objects and striving for technological achievement, but it in turn makes use of scientific principles, laws and theories by providing opportunities for their application. In fact, science and technology are so interdependent that it is often difficult to make a clear distinction between the two. It is important to remember that science and technology speak to us all to varying degrees.

Our Science and Technology program is offered to students and tailored to their age and understanding level. As it is a valuable field of learning and very relevant in the world, we ensure students are introduced to the basics before we take them to the higher, more complex levels of learning they will receive in High School.