Why choose an American Curriculum

GEMS United School offers a stimulating and challenging learning environment

Curriculum: United States (US) AERO Common Core Plus Standards and AP Curriculum

Language of Instruction: English

Our American curriculum is based on the AERO Common Core Plus Standards, plus Advanced Placement courses at the upper levels of high school. Pedagogy follows best practice research, and focuses on teaching independent, critical thinking, reading, and writing. Academically, we prepare students for rigorous university study.

The Pre-KG and KG1 programs are designed to prepare children for the expectations of the Common Core curriculum while fostering each child’s unique developmental needs.


The common core program KG2-12 focuses on math, science, reading, writing, social studies, Arabic language for both native and non-native speakers (beginning in grade 1), and Islamic Studies for Muslim students. Additionally, students take courses in computer science, music, art, world languages, health, library science and physical education to further enhance the development of the whole child.


Technology is integrated throughout our curriculum from KG1-12. Elementary students utilize school provided iPads under instructional guidance by the teacher using Seesaw and in secondary, we have a “Bring Your Own Device” laptop program where students interact with Google classroom to collaborate with their teachers and other students. 

Beyond academics, our wide range of extra curricular activities give students the opportunity to explore known interests and find new passions. For example, some of our after school activities include: LEGO robotics, environmental sustainability, dodge-ball, arts & crafts, drawing, student council, book clubs, track n' field, swimming, soccer, basketball, Ted Talks and much more. 

At GEMS US, our students learn to be kind, to lead, and to embrace new learning opportunities at every turn. Surrounded by peers and teachers from around the world, they embrace, and celebrate diversity, a diversity of approaches, ideas, languages, and attitudes, that foster critical and expansive thinking and problem solving, preparing them to be lifelong learners and contributing global citizens.