Student Transport Services

Student Transport Services

Student Transport Services (STS)


For families seeking transport services to and/or from school, GEMS United School offers bus services for students through Student Transport Services (STS) LLC., the industry leader in providing student transport services across the region.

We know many families require reliable, safe, comfortable and stress-free transport for their children and STS strives to provide the best possible service at an affordable price to students and their families. 

STS Services - Learn More

To learn all about STS services, please visit their website at for more information. 

What locations does STS serve at GEMS United School?

Click here to view a list of the locations served as well as prices for the 2019/20 academic year. Please note, locations may be added/changed at the start of the academic year as bus registrations are received. 

How do I apply for for STS services? 

  • Register online - Click here or complete this registration form and submit to your onsite STS Customer Service Representative at the school. 
  • To make a payment, please visit the STS Payment Portal or manage your child's services and stay up to date with STS activities from one location via the STS app available on Google Play for Android and Appstore for iPhone. 


Who can I speak with regarding STS services?

For any questions regarding STS services, please contact our STS Representative, Lyena Cerezo, at [email protected] or call 04 818 3600/3610 for assistance.