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MENUS FOR May 2019 (GR.5-12)

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  • Menus are set one month at a time for parents and students to review.  
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Slices Catering at GEMS United School- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my child’s meal?

Payments can be made using the Slices Cashless Card.

In order to register for student meals, users can log onto Slices, click here, and register their details. Once registered, it will take 3 working days for the Slices card to be ready to be picked up at school.  Cash will also be accepted during the first few weeks as the card system is implemented.

The features of the online portal include online payment, viewing the transaction history and menu.

Using the Cashless system has many benefits, most importantly:

  • Parents have the ability to restrict items from being purchased
  • Parents are able to budget and set daily spend limits
  • Parents can view a record of their children’s purchases
  • Reduce the chances of incorrect charging of items
  • Eliminate the possibility of incorrect change to be given back to the students
  • Expedite checkout lines in the school canteen
  • Improve hygiene by eliminating exchange of cash

Do I need to pre-order?

Meals for Pre-K - Grade 4 have to be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance (48 business hours in advance; the canteen provider is not open on the weekends). Pre-K - Gr. 4 parents will be able to choose a meal option and the days they would like the child to receive the meal on. The meals will be delivered to the classrooms. 

To order for classroom delivery, you will need to first register, click here, and then you will receive an email with registration information to login to their system at Once in the portal, you will be able to review the menus for ordering and make payment all in one location.  

For the remaining grades, students can purchase meals at the canteen on a daily basis using the Slices cashless card.

What if I forgot to top up, give lunch money or my child forgot or lost their card?

We strongly encourage parents to ensure that there is always sufficient balance in the student’s card. Students that have insufficient amounts on their cards or forgot their card need to go to the designated person in school, who will provide the student with a Slices meal card.

What if there is still a balance in my account with the previous provider?

As we are moving to a new payment platform, any previous balances cannot be transferred and will be refunded via the school. We request that any negative balances are pleased cleared - the school will have a record of this.

How much do the meals and snacks cost?

Please refer to the Slices Parent Pack (page 21). 

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, Slices are very much focused on using freshly sourced vegetables and fruits, high-fibre wholemeal products, and has created a variety of tasty vegetarian options.

Are all Slices products Halal Certified?

Yes, as per the UAE’s law this is an absolute requirement.

Does Slices cater for children’s’ allergies?

Yes, their kitchens and products are completely nut-free and if a child has any other allergies or food intolerances please make sure this is communicated to both the school and Slices on [email protected]

Are the Slices staff trained and experienced?

Every school will have a permanent Person in Charge (PIC) on site at all hours of their operation. This person will be in direct contact with the school and Slices at all times. All their staff are trained in the Food Hygiene Management system.

Does Slices follow local Municipal School Food Guidelines?

Yes, all their products and dishes has been approved by the relevant Municipal School Food Guidelines and are designed to provide children with healthy, portion controlled meal options.

Whom do I contact if I have a question or suggestion about the school canteen food?

Please contact the school PRE at 04 818 3600/3610 or contact Slices directly on :

General Queries   

[email protected]                    

04 272 5546

Mila Fordyce

[email protected]                           

55 852 7716