KHDA 2018 Report: Good

KHDA Inspection - Rated 'Good' school - Report Released May 2018

GEMS United School located in Dubai Sports City, was inspected by the KHDA/DSIB, October 2018.  

The overall quality of the education provided by the school is GOOD in all six of the framework performance indicators and improvement was achieved in 12 areas. 

Overall Strengths:

“The curriculum is well balanced and provides for continuity and progression throughout the school.”

“Students have very positive attitudes and display high levels of responsibility towards their learning and the school.”

“The school has excellent systems in place to ensure that students are safe and secure.”

“Teachers know their students well and closely monitor their well-being.”

“The school provides regular opportunities for parents to be actively involved in many aspects of school life.  Their views are fully considered when making decisions and setting priorities.  Parents are well informed about their child’s learning and development through many channels of communication.”

94% of parents strongly agree that they are satisfied with the quality of education

In promoting a culture of Innovation:

“Combined with innovative teachers, students have had the opportunity to research extensively and think independently to achieve conclusions that are evidenced in critical thinking and problem solving."

“Technology is used very effectively to facilitate and enhance learning throughout the school.”

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