Extra-curricular Activities

As a GEMS United School, we are dedicated to offering our students a wide-range of opportunities to allow each student to develop their skills and pursue their individual interests. To facilitate this, we have both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The participation in activities beyond the classroom gives students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and abilities. The GEMS US extra-curricular activity options meet the needs of different students and are provided by teachers and specialists.

After-School Activities - Click here to review our latest internal offerings and click here to review our ASAs provided by external providers.

  • Available for students from Grade 1 upwards
  • Both team and individual activity options

After-school activities play an important role in a student’s school life, as the social and emotional skills they often develop through these activities are linked to their interest in school. These programs are not mandatory but we highly encourage students to participate in them as they are areas of learning not strictly developed in the classroom but that add value to individual competency.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is often favorable and included on college application forms.

Student Council

All school divisions host a Student Council, which introduces children to the concepts of responsibility, representation and accountability. Representatives are elected for a period of one year. The Councils meet regularly with their Faculty Adviser and the Principal to discuss issues raised by the students themselves.


If you would like to find out more about extra-curricular activities offered, please call us on 04 818 3600.