Supporting our GEMS US Family


Elementary, middle, and high school counselors play numerous roles within our school to ensure that students' social, emotional and academic needs are being met. They provide a wide range of services that include individual, group or family counseling, transition support classroom guidance, parenting support, faculty and parent workshops, college planning, and course selection. Additionally, the counselors lead the social emotional learning in each of the divisions through classroom counseling  and our advisory program.


We believe strong parent partnerships are essential to meet the needs of our international community. The counseling team engages our parent community through parent workshops and book clubs on a variety of topics; International Transitions, Stress and Anxiety through Adolescence, Self-regulation and Social Media,The Adolescent Brain. Our counselors actively engage our parent community to build strong home-school relationships.



The elementary counselor boosts our learning community by nurturing the holistic development of responsible global citizens by supporting their academic, social, and emotional well-being. In supporting the growth of our youngest learners the counselor works as an advocate for our students and helps them develop important resiliency and self-advocacy skills to support their growth. Children during their elementary years are in stages of rapid growth and development and require unique academic and social-emotional support to learn and grow to their full potential.

Megan Richardson- Elementary Counselor

[email protected] 




Middle school is a unique time of developing independence when students begin to make decisions about their own learning and to inquire and explore in ways that enhance their development. Students become more aware of their role in groups, valuing others’ choices and recognizing the strengths in one another. Socially they are making the transition into adolescence and and figuring out who they are going to be as adults. Our middle school counseling program is designed to support students and families through this process both academically and social-emotionally.

Joseph Murphy - Middle School Counselor [email protected] 



Beginning in grade 9, career exploration and university planning take on a prominent role. The counselor reaches out to students and parents for testing, career-exploration, university information sessions and application procedures. At the same time, students and parents in grades 9-12 are always welcome to initiate their own contact with the high school counselor. For more information about GEMS US high school counseling, university advisory and the support offered to students and parents, please reach out to our counseling team.

Mr. Matthew Abbate- High School Counselor and College Admissions [email protected]