Admission Assessments

Admission Assessments

GEMS United School seeks to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student based on his or her age, as well as academic, social and emotional development within policy guidelines. The school aims to interview a child and their parents prior to entry and each child might be required to take an age related placement test to ensure that they are ready for the education to be offered.

Pre-KG children will be offered a conditional acceptance following a parent/child interview with positive completion of a developmental checklist. Kindergarten students will be invited to a group assessment designed to determine school readiness. All acceptances in Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2 are conditional for the first semester of the year. If it becomes apparent during this time that a student would benefit from a delay in commencement of formal schooling, we reserve the right to revoke the offer of a place.

All applicants for Grade 1 to Grade 12 are assessed in literacy and numeracy as part of the admissions process. GEMS US conducts assessments using the standardized MAPs (Measure of Academic Progress) test or CAT4 Assessments. Students applying to GEMS US from schools which participate in MAPs or CAT4 may be excused assessment if they provide a recent (within 6 months of date of application) MAPs or CAT4 test result and a letter of recommendation from the student's current Principal.

Students re-entering GEMS US may be exempt from re-assessment (if absent no more than one school year) with documentation of continued education during the absence. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Principal.

The Head of School/CEO or Principal reserves the right to waive the placement assessment if satisfied with the academic records provided during application.

Student acceptance is based on space availability and the following minimum criteria:

  • Successful completion of the previous school year
  • Admission/placement assessment results
  • Previous school records (transcript, transfer certificate, recommendation letters, and standardized assessment results as applicable)
  • Fluency level in English as an Additional Language (ELL)

All of these items will be reviewed based on age appropriate parameters for the requested grade level per GEMS US placement policy.  

Grade level student demographics (for balanced diversity in each classroom).


English Language Proficiency

In order for students to fully participate in the school’s instructional programs, students are required to have English language proficiency. Students may be admitted without such proficiency provided they satisfy all enrollment regulations and qualify for GEMS US' ELL program, subject to availability of space. 

 For more information about assessment or requirements for entry, please call 04 818 3600.