Student & Parent Testimonials

What is the GEMS United School Difference?




“GEMS United School's wonderful community is one that has no match. I count it as such an incredible privilege to have been welcomed as part of this community, and to have been greatly involved these past few years. Thank you for making it such a safe place to learn and grow, and for teaching me to lead with integrity. I have never had such hope and anticipation for what my future might hold, because I never understood my potential, until I came to GEMS United School. You have truly made a difference in my life.”  Maya Khalifeh, Gr. 12 

Quinn Remington, GEMS US Graduate 2018                                                                                                                       


"I’m going to miss the family and the community and how when you are here you feel like you are at home." 

Mahra Alhosani, GEMS US Graduate 2018

"What I enjoyed most at school was watching GEMS US grow and improve to our liking." 

Rashail Atallah, GEMS US Graduate 2018

"I transferred to GEMS US in 11th grade and I was very worried I wouldn’t make friends, but I was taken back and surprised GEMS US is such a friendly environment. I fit in so quickly and fast that everyone welcomes you in with big open arms."  

Maria Kotob, GEMS US Graduate 2018


“What I like most about GEMS US is the people and the community. Just knowing when you come here, you BELONG.  From the moment I came here in 10th grade, GEMS US has become my second home.” 

Saleh Hisham, GEMS US Graduate 2018

“One thing I really liked about GEMS US all these years would definitely be the people. It is such a nice welcoming environment and you make a lot of friends when you come here and you make a lot of memories.  The best thing about GEMS US is the people.” 

Rishabh Deepak Narwani, GEMS US Graduate 2018

“The teachers teach us efficiently and teach us well.  They teach us using a more organized system and in a modern way and this why I like my school.” 


Cadyn Stahl, Gr. 9


“One thing I love about this school is that it has so many opportunities for everyone whether it is joining the musical, student council, student ambassadors, sports teams or anything else.  There are so many opportunities for everyone!” 



Filalo Chisembele, Gr. 8

"I like my school because it has a very nice welcoming community and the teachers help me improve academically."  



Gianni Eya’a-Riva, GEMS US Graduate 2018

“Being a part of the Panthers Sports Program is a very fun and exciting experience.  We train passionately and hard to achieve success.”  

Alma Hoej, Gr. 8 

“This year being a part of the Panthers Sports Program helped me improve my skills and helped me challenge myself as well as make a lot of new friendships.” 

Nicolas Assaf, Gr. 12

“Being a part of the Panthers Sports Program allowed me to reach my goal, and my goal is to become a leader.  I excelled in that goal and stepped out of my comfort zone.”  

Marina Mantecon, Gr. 7

“I like the Panthers Sports Program because I got to do a lot of fun things and I was able to build my stamina, grow in sports and build friendships.”  

Sierrah Augustin, Gr. 12

“Being a part of the Panthers Sports Community allowed me to challenge myself and make new friends as well as develop leadership skills.” 


Tonia Mygdalis, Mother of Gr. 6 & Gr. 8 students

“We spent three wonderful years at GEMS US! It is a small family school where my kids had the opportunity to be themselves and reach their full potential. There hasn’t been a single day that the kids didn’t want to go to school. They became very happy learners and critical thinkers! Thank you GEMS US!! We will miss you!!” 

Tamara Sonne, Mother of Gr. 5 student 

“We enjoy the small school feel of GEMS US. It feels like we are family; a very open community.” 

Jessica Linderberth, Mother of Gr. 7 & 8 students 

“The children consociate through all grades and everyone is friendly.  GEMS US provides an amenable engaging environment which makes learning successful.” 

Annie Krug, Mother of Gr. 2, 3 and 6 students

“We stay year after year because we are part of a strong community we cannot find at other schools.  My kids are more than just a number here and our voices are always heard and respected.”