Our Guiding Principles

We believe


At GEMS United School we are curious learners inspired to reach beyond ourselves.  

نحن متعلمون فضولييون، مُلهَمون للوصول إلى أبعد من حدود أنفسنا


Our learners will wonder, question, iterate intentionally, be confident advocates and embrace challenges in the service of our community and our world.

ف يتسائل المتعلمون لدينا , أسئلة , تكررعمدا ,ليكونوا دعاة واثقين ويتبنون التحديات في خدمة مجتمعنا وعالمنا .


We strive to embody in thought, word and deed, courage, inquiry, kindness and respect. 

حن نسعى جاهين لتجسيد الفكر والقول والفعل والشجاعة والتحقيق واللطف والاحترام لدى طلبتنا .

At GEMS United School, we believe:

  • Compassion and fairness promote trust and respect and are best communicated through modeling;
  • School should cultivate imagination and instill an appreciation for learning as a joyful, lifelong pursuit;
  • An atmosphere of trust enables children to question, to take risks, to collaborate, to assume responsibility for independent work and to pursue individual interests;
  • Significant accomplishments can be achieved through perseverance and hard work;
  • That quality education empowers the individual and expands options throughout life, and that educators, students and parents do this by building bridges of trust, communication and common goals;
  • That our commitment to advocating, teaching and respecting a diverse student body from cultures throughout the world, fosters peace, justice and global understanding.

Students at GEMS United School are encouraged and motivated to be:

  • Critical thinkers
  • Creative explorers
  • Independent learners
  • Technical integrators
  • Global citizens

The wealth of knowledge and the personal characteristics students gain while at GEMS United School will shape and strengthen their identities once they graduate and enter the world beyond school.  As a GEMS Education school, we are part of a family of international schools that embody educational excellence and believe that school teaches children how to learn and inspires them to always look for the lesson in everything.


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